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CDs For Sale

Four Canals/Dave Hammond - 10 Songs, 7 original Dave Hammond compositions and 3 covers. Click the CD below and on the following page click where you want to download from!

Dave Hammond with:

Greg Harris, Josh Quinlan, John Grigsby, Grant Larson, Matt Fuller and Braun Kahn.  Link below.

Grant Larson Leader featuring Greg Harris, Matt Fuller, Braun Kahn and Dave Hammond

This project came out of the band performing at the Rock Ridge Music Camp near Estes Park, Colorado.  Great tunes by all members of the band, released in October, 2017.  Link below.

You Guys - Eric Lilly, Jeff Nathanson, Brad Cummings, Jim Truillo and Dave Hammond

Originally recorded in the early 1990's this record was later released in 2013 featuring Eric Lilly (Xman421), Jeff Nathanson, Jim Truillo, Brad Cummings and Dave Hammond.  Link below.